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The Importance of Your Eye Health

Sight is one of your most important senses. In fact, around 80% of perception and learning is visual.

By regularly visiting your trusted eye doctor, you’re helping to protect your eyes from eye disease, vision loss, or blindness. Your eyes can also tell us a lot about your overall health. A comprehensive eye exam includes screening for cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Dr. Baker cares about you and your eyes and takes the time to get to know you and discuss your questions and concerns. Visit us for the detailed and personalized eye care you deserve.

How Often Should You Schedule an Eye Exam?

Even if you believe your eyes are healthy and your vision is clear, it’s important to regularly visit your eye doctor to monitor for signs of eye disease that may not present any obvious symptoms. Taking a preventative approach can help protect the future of your vision.

Dr. Baker recommends that everyone should have an annual comprehensive eye exam even if they see 20/20 and are not experiencing any vision problems.  If a vision problem is detected before you notice the changes in your vision, unnecessary vision loss or blindness can be prevented.  Annual eye health checks are important in having a lifetime of good vision.

We may recommend more frequent eye exams, depending on your unique eyes and your potential risk of developing an eye disease.

Our Detailed Approach

When you visit Overlake Family Vision, you’ll be greeted by a friendly face. We’ll guide you through the check-in process and to our pre-testing area before entering the exam room. We’ll be sure to go over your health history and any visual concerns you may have.

During your appointment, we’ll assess:

  • Eye coordination
  • Visual perception
  • Eye alignment
  • The sharpness of your vision and monitor for any changes

We’ll also monitor for any signs of eye conditions using diagnostic technology. Early detection allows for early intervention to protect your sight.

See the World With a Clearer View

Read the fine print and see street signs in the distance with ease, thanks to the help of our knowledgeable team at Overlake Family Vision. An accurate assessment of your eyes will help us provide you with the tools and techniques to achieve your best vision yet.

Schedule your next eye exam today!

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