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Want to improve your game? Specialty golfing lenses are tailored for your visual sweet spots, helping you make the most of your time on the green. 

Three specific vision zones maximize a player’s viewing: near, so players can see the scorecard; mid, so they can see the ball below them; and far, so they can see the green in the distance.

The secret is in the peripheral vision. Regular lenses have peripheral distortion so your focus remains forward, while our specialty golf lenses have clear peripheral vision so you can follow the ball all the way to the green. 

Make every day on the course your best day!

Sports Specialty Lenses and Gaming Eyewear

We understand the importance of having frames and lenses that enhance your game for optimal performance. Our lenses can provide the clarity you need so you can stay focused on the task at hand.

Protective Sports Frames & Lenses

Protective sports frames & lenses for soccer, tennis, baseball, hockey, and so much more. Our eyelids are the first line of defense between an accidental elbow jab or a wayward ball. But, like wearing a helmet, shinguard, or mouthguard, eyewear designed for sports offers more substantial protection when you’re on the go. Appropriate eyewear can prevent 90% of eye injuries, so you can focus on fun—or the competition—rather than first aid.

Prescription goggles for swimming, skiing, snowboarding, motocross, and paintball. Getting a splash of water, mud, or paint in the eye can be distracting and uncomfortable–but it may also lead to an eye infection. With prescription goggles, you can enjoy the enhanced visual experience of standard glasses while benefiting from a durable and protective lens. 

Digital screen lenses are designed to keep your eyes comfortable while online. Screen time can be tiring on the eyes. Just like other muscles in your body, your eyes can be exhausted after holding the same static position. 

That’s where digital screen lenses, also known as computer lenses, come in. They can support close-up tasks and offer lens coatings that can effectively alleviate eye strain caused by glare.

“Doggles” for keeping your furry friend’s eyes protected no matter the weather! While it’s easy for people to reach a hand up or put on shades to shield their eyes, your four-legged companions need a pal to lend a hand. 

Some breeds with prominent eyeballs can be more susceptible to cuts, ulcers, and infections. And, just like humans, dog eyes can be sensitive to UV light or allergens–keep pollen, debris, and chemicals away to help stop runny eyes.

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